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Brief History of the Wedge Heel Shoe for Women

Farragam gained a reputation as a shoe and boot designer in the film market of the 1920s. Due to his impressive style and the quality of his shoes, he was asked by male and female film celebrities to use shoes for on-screen activities and personal use.

Because of the reputation of shoes in the entertainment industry, he is known as the "star shoemaker."Although his shoes are famous in the Hollywood elite, it is not easy. To solve this problem, he studied at the University of Los Angeles and worked on anatomy, mathematics, and chemical technology innovation.

He applied his research to the design of shoes and broke the usual design and design of shoes, and began to create his own shoes, which is both impressive and relaxing. The reputation of his shoes has expanded worldwide, but the huge demand for his shoes and the help of uncertified employees have failed to meet this demand, forcing him to return to France.

After finding a qualified employee in one of the centers of the Italian footwear market in Florence, he opened his own store and began to expand the production of footwear.

In the late 1930s, due to the outbreak of war, there was a shortage of traditional parts for shoes, leather and rubber. Ferragamo began testing non-traditional parts such as hay, felt, cork and wood and incorporated them into his footwear brand design.

Due to the testing of these non-traditional parts, he created his most famous style, the pitch wedge and the Cage heel. He made sloping wedge-shaped manolo blahnik sale high heels with wood or cork as system-assisted shoes.

Cork systems are best known for their light weight and durability. In his time, women found that wedge heels were easier to wear than heeled shoes, so they bought the design of the shoe not only because of its design, but also because of its help to the feet and the convenience of walking.

In the two years of entering the global fashion world, wedge heels have become a traditional and well-known design in the global women's footwear field.

Why wear high heels?

Women like to wear manolo blahnik hangisi sale high heels to show off, because high heels have a variety of advantages. Here are a few benefits of wearing high heels:

High heels allow women to take a more seductive posture because they push the chest and hips in a erotic way.

High heels make women's pace more sexy, in order to maintain the balance of high heels, she twists her hips sexyly.

High heels can help women who feel too short and unattractive to improve their height.

High heels stretch the legs and make the legs look slimmer.

The heel lift will make your legs look a few inches longer and more sexy.

Women wearing high heels look more confident, more mature and more sexy.

Recently, researchers have found that wearing high heels can improve the pelvic floor muscles of women, thereby increasing sexual desire.

Shortcomings of high heels

They say that everything comes at a price, and high heels are no exception. If there are so many advantages, wearing high heels also has certain disadvantages, such as -

Heel shoes can cause pain in your feet.

Wearing high heels for a while can cause deformities in the feet, including the toe and bunions Women with high heels often have knee degenerative diseases.

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