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High Heel Shoes - Profound Memoirs

The reason why high heels exist is because of the Catherine of Medici from Paris. These fashionable shoes have a different history between men and women.

Initially, men and women wore high heels for centuries. People in the lower classes walk barefoot, and most of the people wearing such clothes are celebrities such as actors. They wear to show their social status and try to gain importance.

Men's high heels are mainly worn in court. Modern fashions come from Italian styles ranging in length from 15 cm to 42 cm. A change occurred in the 17th century. Women wear high heels to lure and marry men. Later, Giovanni Casanova also announced his appreciation for the shoes that show women's beautiful legs.

In 1791, a major revolution was brought about. Napoleon expelled high heels and tried to explain equality. Regardless of the Napoleonic Code, Marie Antoinette appeared on the guillotine in 1793 wearing two-inch shoes.

In the 1860s, high heels were once again greatly welcomed, and the delicate design of sewing machines was widely used in high heels. In fact, Victorian people feel that wearing high heels gives each woman a symbolic curve.

Western high heels were popular in the late 19th century, but in the 1930s, Western high heels were well received. In the early 1960s, miniskirts became popular, and stilettos became popular, enhancing the appearance of the legs. The stilettos are long and thin, ranging in length from 1" to 2", making them ideal for women.

Even tennis shoes are high-heeled. Heelless high heels allow women to wear a variety of shoes. Although this seems to be an eccentric height, there are a variety of fashion choices that cannot be ignored.

Women like to wear shoes that match their outfits and like to wrap their delicate and elegant feet. In particular, high heels are sure to be praised because they look powerful and highly confident.

There are different high heels for different occasions. You can wear some fashionable bold high heels and black slacks to go to work, or wear a teasing skirt to go to the party, or even wear jeans to go to the mall. Anyway, you need to pay attention to wearing high heels.

In a work environment, if you are always standing still, there are some tips to help you solve this problem. A pair of suitable shoes will be comfortable in two to three hours. Then, during your lunch break or after sitting at the computer, wear flip-flops or relax your feet for 10 to 15 minutes, which will stop your feet from stopping pain and any pressure swelling.

After the break, your feet should remain relatively comfortable for the next few hours. You may find it expensive to wear high-end shoes, but the fact is that high-heeled shoes will make you look, feel great, and even increase self-esteem, which professional women may like.

There is no reason for women not to wear a pair of sexy high heels. Whether you choose a small and stylish mid-heeled shoe or a skyscraper. There are many occasions and causes that can cause pain in the manolo blahnik hangisi sale heel and even a way to overcome the pain in the heel. If you love them, go buy it!

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